The installed-images.json file format

Each user is to have an installed-images.json file which holds a registry of installed docker images and some NON-USER-SET attributes about those images which are useful to subuser. This is an autogenerated and non-user-editable file. Do not edit it!

Each installed-images.json file is to be a valid json file containing a json object at the top level.

This object maps image ids to json objects which have the following attributes:

  • source-repo: Id of the subuser repository from which the image was installed.


"source-repo" : "default"

Or if the repository is annonymous:

"source-repo" : 1
  • source-image: Name of the progam source from which this image was built.


"source-image" : "firefox"
  • image-source-hash: SHA-1 hash of the image directory of the image source.


"image-source-hash" : "51bcf28bcd4c01200ab7abd97d22a325e940fbd6"


  • last-update-time: This is the last-update-time that was listed in the permissions.json file of the image source when the image was installed, or the last time the image was updated.


,"last-update-time"                : "2014-02-12-12:59"

Note: If the source image’s permissions.json file listed no last-update-time this will be the actual clock time at which the image was installed.