Image source identifier pathsΒΆ

When the user wishes to identify a image source, they may refer to the image source using a image source identifier path. These paths are unicode strings in two formats:


In subuser image source names must not contain the character ‘@’. Repository names must not contain the character ‘:’, nor may they begin with the character /.

It is therefore easy to parse a image source identifier path. Simply take any text up till the ‘@’ and call it the image source name. The text following the ‘@’ is set asside as the repository identifier.

If the repository identifier contains a ‘:’ then it is the URI of a remote repository. If the repository identifier starts with a /, it is the path to a local folder. Otherwise it is the name of a local repository.

Each URI has a context repository. For example, when resolving a subuser image source URI at the command line, the context repository is default. When resolving a URI appended to FROM-SUBUSER-IMAGE the context repository is the repository of the subuser image source currently being built.

If a URI contains no ‘@’ then the URI is the name of an image source found in the current context repository.