Usage: subuser list WHAT_TO_LIST [options]

List subuser-images. You can use this command to list images that are:
List all subuser images available for instalation
List all installed subusers
List all installed images. The the format is “<image-source> <image-id>”. If the –long option is used, then information about each image is displayed.
List all repositories. By default, lists repository names(or their paths in case they are temporary). With the –long option, more info about each repository is printed.


$ subuser list available --long
$ subuser list subusers
$ subuser list installed-images
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--long Display more information about each item.
--json Display results in JSON format.
--internal Include internal subusers in the list. These are subusers which are automatically created and used by subuser internally.
--broken When listing installed images option, list the Ids of broken/orphaned images. Otherwise has no effect. Without this option, broken/orphaned images are simply not listed.