Usage: subuser subuser [add|remove|add-to-path|remove-from-path|edit-permissions|expose-entrypoints|hide-entrypoints] NAME [IMAGESOURCE]

Add and remove subusers. Create shorcuts for launching subusers.


Add a new subuser named foo based on the image foo@default.

$ subuser subuser add foo foo@default

Remove the subuser named foo.

$ subuser subuser remove foo

Remove subusers foo and bar.

$ subuser subuser remove foo bar

Create a launcher for the subuser named foo.

$ subuser subuser add-to-path foo

You can now launch foo directly.

$ foo

Remove the launcher (if one exists) for the subuser named foo.

$ subuser subuser remove-from-path foo

Expose a subuser’s predefined entrypoints.

$ subuser subuser expose-entrypoints haskell-platform

Now you can run the predefined entrypoints directly.

$ gcc
$ cabal install

To remove the entrypoints from the PATH use

$ subuser subuser hide-entrypoints haskell-platform

Edit a subuser’s permissions.

$ subuser subuser edit-permissions foo
-h, --help show this help message and exit
 When removing subusers, remove all subusers who’s names start with prefix.
--accept Accept permissions without asking.
--prompt Prompt before installing new images.
 Force a subuser who’s name starts with ! to be added, despite the fact that ! marks interal subusers and is normally forbidden.