Community guidelines

We are an engineering-centric community

We accept anyone into our community, regardless of race, gender, corporate affiliation, lack of corporate affiliation, age, education, experience, or ability to spell. The only thing of important to us is your ability to think like an engineer.

We are an emotional community

Despite our engineering focus, we recognize that people are people and that people have emotions. If you want to talk about the way you feel about something, you can do so. We won’t bash you for being off topic for communicating fluidly and freely. It is OK to get angry or passionate. If you feel stressed or anxious about something, tell us. When you feel something, negative or positive, try to tell us not only your feelings but why you feel that way as well.

We are an equal community

A members value comes from their personal investment of thought, time, and emotion. Commercial or organizational affiliation has no affect on your importance within the community. Attempting to claim that your issues are of “higher priority” due to the importance of the project or entity you are affiliated with will be frowned upon or ignored (that is not to say that you shouldn’t share your projects with us though! ;) ).

Generally, we will try to avoid ever prioritizing issues. Problems will be solved and features added at the rate at which elegant solutions and implementations appear.

We will not tolerate

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Threats

With regards to sexism, we will try to guide people away from sexist remarks rather than attack them with explosive accusations.