Don’t be anxious about communicating with us. We won’t yell at you for being off topic or disruptive. General chatting and “getting to know each other” is encouraged!

Mailing list

If you want to engage in general discussions, ask questions etc. you can join our mailing list.

Pull requests

Most important first :) . If you want to send a pull request, please do so at our github repo


First off, if you find an issue, don’t hesitate to dive into the code and fix it yourself. This is an open source project after all! If you don’t have time to fix the code, or you don’t know Python, you can file a bug report at our github repo.

Design discussions

For design discussions file an issue at our github repo.

I want to learn Python and contribute to Open Source. Will you tutor me?

Yes! Just introduce yourself by filing an issue or sending a Pull Request here or by writing to our mailing list . Be sure to say that you’re just staring out and wanting to learn. In the case of a PR, I’ll guide you through the process of improving your code by suggesting changes and creating alternate PRs which you can learn from. If you are not ready to create a PR yet, I will find a small and simple task for you. Happy hacking!

Last of all, don’t take me or anyone else tutoring you to be some kind of programming god. Tutors are human too!


Our IRC channel is #subuser on