The subusers.json file formatΒΆ

Each user is to have an subusers.json file which holds a registry of subusers and some NON-USER-SET attributes about those subusers which are useful to subuser. This is an autogenerated and non-user-editable file. Do not edit it!

Each subusers.json file is to be a valid json file containing a json object at the top level.

This object maps subuser names to json objects which have the following attributes:

  • source-repo: The identifier of the subuser repository where the source image on which this subuser is based resides.


,"source-repo"                        : "default"

type: See information about repository identifiers here .

  • image-source: The name of the image source on which this subuser’s image is based.


,"image-source"                        : "firefox"

type: subuser names can be any unicode string not containing the symobol @

  • docker-image: The Id of the currently installed Docker image associated with this subuser.


,"docker-image" : "21882137"

type: A Docker image Id.

  • executable-shortcut-installed: Is an executable shortcut to be installed to the subuser bin directory in order to add the subuser to the $PATH?


,"executable-shortcut-installed" :true

type: boolean

  • entrypoints-exposed: Are there executable shortcuts installed for this subuser’s entrypoints?


,"entrypoints-exposed" :true

type: boolean

  • service-subusers: List of service subusers that bellong to this subuser.


,"service-subusers" : ["!service-subuser-firefox-xpra-server","!service-subuser-firefox-xpra-client"]

type: List of strings(subuser names).