The repository-states.json file format

In the context of subuser, a repository-states.json file is a file which serializes the mutable state of each subuser repository.

Unlike repositories.json this is a per-user file which is non-hierarchical.

Each repository-states.json file is to be a valid json file containing a single json object.

This object is a set of key value pairs where each key is the identifier of a subuser repository.

Repositories which the user has yet to initialize(by installing a image from that repository) are not represented in this file.

Each repository identifier can either be:
  • string - for a named repository
  • number - for an annonymous repository

Repository names must not contain any of the following characters: \, : .

The value is a json object with the following properties:


  • git-commit-hash: The hash of the currently checked out commit of the subuser repository. Specifically, this is the output of git show-ref -s HEAD when run within the given repository’s git repository. If the repository is not managed by git, this attribute may be set to nil.


"git-commit-hash" : "a88ce1ec812fec3072b255d7ef7aa53f281d1dcf"